A Review Of Live Performances At The Denver Performing Art Complex

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On March 30, 2014 I made the trek in to Denver, for a Masterworks performance of Litton Conducts Vaughan Williams. The performance was at the Boettcher Concert Hall at the Denver performing Arts Complex right in the heart of downtown. I can truly say that this was going to be an experience for me, since I do not ever take the opportunity to drive clear in to downtown Denver very often if ever at all. However, today was the day. I found my way around easily, finding the parking garage and eventually easing my truck in to a parking spot clear at the top away from other vehicles, hoping I’d have a better chance of pulling out with the big beast of a truck that I drive. Believe me this is not something that can be easily accomplished, considering I am a farm girl and rarely have to go into anything that resembles a larger city.
Boettcher Concert Hall
Boettcher Concert Hall is where the Colorado Symphony Orchestra calls home. It was built in a round design with the audience in mind; allowing for a close to the stage experience for the patrons. As I exited the elevator from the top level of the parking garage, I took a moment to gather my senses and check out the buildings surrounding me as well as the architecture. I was greeted at the door by a door attendant who graciously held the door for me and called me ma’am. As I walked under the glass of the archway leading to the concert hall, I came to the realization that I may have been slightly underdressed for this classy arts complex, but continued. After finding the will-call, I headed in the direction I was given to the concert hall. I really was unsure of what to expect when I entered the hall; the closest I had ever come to a so-called concert hall was the auditorium of my old run down high school. Entering the seating area was magnificent, it was more beautiful than I had imagined inside. I was ushered to my seat, which in my opinion, I could have chosen a better more central location to sit and enjoy my first experience at the symphony. The walls were at a slight angle allowing the sound to be dispersed and to avoid the chance of echoing of sounds.
This paper will concentrate on the analysis and the review of three major performances, Missa Mirabilis, Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, Op.43 and Dona Nobis Pacem. These pieces are generally based on religious settings that are very detailed and are represented in a very organized way. This whole idea of this piece was associated with the Eucharist and focused mainly on the body of Christ. Prior to my attendance, I was able to access a recording of Missa Mirabilis, just to get a feel for what I was about to experience. Although the recording was not as good as what I heard first hand at the live performance it was still beautiful. I could only imagine how beautiful it was on the very first day of the performance at the Westminster Cathedral.

Missa Mirabilis
To begin, Missa Mirabilis is a piece that was celebrated at the Westminster Cathedral...

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