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Live With Her Dance Dream Essay

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A girl who is an only child lives a hard life. Carmen, who is my cousin, has the same situation as the only daughter. She was the only little girl in my family who was smart and lovely, but life turns on just a few years. My cousin Sunny was born two years ago. As the thoughts of boys always valued over girls in my grandfather’s generation, it still happens on both of my cousins now. However, every challenge is a chance in life. It became an opportunity for Carmen to have a good relationship with her parents, and live with her dance dream. Although I have no brother and sister, I can imagine and feel how the life changed on Carmen.
It all started before Sunny was born as Carmen was a high ...view middle of the document...

My uncle didn’t have any comments on Carmen and ignored her. Carmen realized that and she was not feeling good about it.
As I was one of her best friend, I started to talk with her about her sorrow. She had told me that she was not happy about Sunny. She thought a new brother or sister should not be existed in her family because she felt it was not fair between Sunny and her. I listened, paralyzed, and didn’t say anything because I scared about I would say something wrong about the other family. Meanwhile, she was trying to forget about Sunny’s existence.
Because of a new family member in Carmen’s life, she became so depressed because she thought her family didn’t love her anymore. In my opinion, a family should accept all the weakness of any family members, which I think my uncle should not be so serious on Carmen. Finally, I taught her that she should love her family like how I care about her, do not be so depressed, and try to do something that she likes and be free to get her parents’ attention. Finally, she started to become a ballet dancer last year. She went to a ballet school to learn ballet professionally, which means she will start her ballet career when she grows up.
Unfortunately, my uncle and I didn’t support her and we had a little fight with her because we all knew that ballet dancers have short career. Especially my uncle, he was a traditional man who wanted Carmen to find somebody who would marry and provide for her. He totally disagreed that Carmen learned ballet. Although my uncle and I have explained many times to her about the ballet career, she replied to our comment steadfastly.

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