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Live Your Life Essay

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Three small words can bring inner happiness to me and others. Having the ability to change your attitude towards life and what defines one will create a feeling of peace. Living your life can bring good and bad regrets, but by the choice we make can bring happiness, and a meaningful life. The goal of this essay is to show what credo I live by and what defines me as a person. Having the power to live with the choices I had made, determination towards a goal, and finding a deeper meaning to life.
When growing up in this day, with many of our fellow men and women trying to get a taste of the good life. They will try to obtain happiness in very different ways with how they treat each other. The ...view middle of the document...

Having to make difficult choices will in the long run creates a better and more meaningful life. In everyday life, people will always be making hard, and life changing choices; but one must remember to keep pushing forward to the end goal of living your life to benefit all.
Another point in living your life is to be determined by your goals and setting up plans to execute the goals. Being able to have a set of life goals will bring a better determination and fewer regrets in life. Being well prepared for hard life choices will make one stronger in the future. I have made some disasters choices that have greatly affected my life in the long run, but I don’t regret any of them. An example of a terrible choice, I had made in my life would be dating one of my best friend’s girlfriend without him knowing. The friendship was broken after the word got out about us dating. After the loss of an important friend because of one immature mistake I made. That is a choice that I will have to live with for the rest of my life. I had made a promises not to date any another one of my friends ex-girlfriends ever again. In the moment my choice was a bad one, but I believe it taught me a valuable lesson about life. The good and bad goals of my life thus far has created the person I am today. Which in turn has reduced any regret towards the choices I have made. In my life goals are very important, I have had goals since I was young. A few of the goals would include working hard, focusing on positive, and remember to not stop trying. Being young with goals may be able to create a better outlook on many things that happen in the future. Having a set number of reasonable goals is a great way to live your life. As one gets older goals will always be changing towards the goal of happiness and what may bring it by the choices made. Also being able have goals will bring structure to a complicated life.
When living your life you must look deeper into the actual meaning of what...

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