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Lives Ruined With Identity Theft Essay

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Identity Theft is a severe and important issue that needs more recognizing than is currently has now. Identity Theft is when mean people go around and try to steal your Identity. If they are successful and have stolen your identity they can buy items and you will be charged. They can also ruin your credit history and reputation with your Identity. Identity theft happens every day and many people are affected daily. If your identity gets stolen it may take years to get all your stuff back. It may even cost you money to fix it! This will tell you everything you need to know about Identity Theft and hopefully we can put a stop to it.
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Most likely you will lose the money unless the person who stole your Identity is caught. The total financial loss has increased from only 10 billion in 2010 to over 23 billion is 2013. About 7% of United States has reported some sort of Identity Theft. Richer people who have over $75,000 in income each year have a 12% chance of 100% of getting affected then families with lower incomes each year. There have also been over 30 million Identities stolen since 2000. Identity Theft is only rising every day! To make it even worse, over 100 million Americans are at risk of this because of being unsecure. Identity Theft really needs to be stopped.
Many things can help the problem of Identity Theft. One way is to simply not carry around your Social Security card with you. This applies to all personal information as well. Keep all your information in a safe place and only use it when it is necessary. Another way to help prevent Identity Theft is to keep all of your receipts and shred any that you don’t need anymore. The most important way to protect yourself from this is just to watch your billing cycles and to check your credit card report whenever possible. If you pay attention and somebody happens to get in your personal information you could cancel your credit card or catch them. If you take a week to find out they could be long gone with all of your information and money.
Personally, I cannot do much to prevent this from happening to others. The only thing I can do is let them know how to prevent this from happening to them. If I can tell those ways to prevent Identity Theft from happening to them then they could protect themselves. Another thing I...

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