Living A Deliberate Life Essay

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Living a Deliberate Life
In the twenty-first century society is living a life where individuals are often too busy to reflect on life, and its true meaning. People are often submerged in unimportant things. What is living deliberately? If, Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862), transcendentalist essayist, were alive today, and he asked me if I am living like he suggests, I would have to answer, no. I think it is nearly impossible with all these new technological advances in the modern world today. Thoreau tells us, “The nation itself with all its so called internal improvements, which bye the way are all external and superficial…” Living deliberately means to simplify and value the important ...view middle of the document...

It is almost like people are trying to fill a void, or is it that, that’s all this generation knows? Are they Illusions or reality? Plato (427-347 B.C.), ancient Greek philosopher said that we are only seeing what they want us to see. We need to seek true knowledge, and be enlightened to what is truly important, like helping people in need.
One way to not live deliberately is to worry. Worrying too much could be detrimental to a person, and not allow them to function well in society. There are too many American’s on anxiety medications, because they obsess, and worry about relationships, money and employment constantly. Teenagers are a group of individuals that suffer this the most, because they are trying to fit in. They worry that they may have not bought the right clothes, or shoes. All they are trying to do is fit in, and be accepted. Teenagers can also be cruel to their peers, affecting their self-esteem in a negative way. Whatever age group a person is in, they need to realize that it is important to stay positive, even when things are not looking so great. And focus on the meaningful things in life, and they will find that they will have a more full filling life.
I will be doing more things in my life to live deliberately, things with more purpose, and meaning. Things that will enrich my life. For example: Since I started college classes as a full time student, I deactivated my Facebook account, because it is a huge distraction. It distracts me from the more important things, so I finally came to a decision, and I will be deleting it. Deactivating my account made me realize how many precious moments were passing me by. I find that I spend more quality time with my family now that I am not constantly checking for messages, or status updates. I also don’t watch television or news much. Thoreau tells us that news is gossip. The news media today is not news anymore, and I believe it causes more harm than good in some cases. There is currently a...

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