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Living A Green Life Essay

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The moment I chose to major in Environmental Engineering, a thought flew to the front of my mind: “I should probably start living more green life if I want to study this subject.” Since that moment two years ago, I have attempted to move my life towards a more environmentally friendly alternative. If there is one thing this shift has taught me, it is that living green is not easy.
One of the first things I had to consider was my hot water usage. I now take short, lukewarm showers rather than longer, hot ones and I always try to turn faucets off when I am not using them. I do my laundry every two weeks and often use cooler water choices when washing. In this sense, I feel like I use as little hot water as possible for these tasks. However, dishes are probably where I use the most water. I often use as hot of water as possible when I wash my own dishes and besides my own dishes, I work in the dining halls and I volunteer at a soup kitchen twice weekly. In both of these locations, I use so much hot water to wash the hundreds of plates that I could not possibly keep count. In these areas, my hot water consumption is enormous and thus, has a larger affect on the environment because of all of the resources consumed to sanitize, mobilize and heat that water. Thus, in this area of focus, I am not living my life as “green” as possible.
Another thing I must consider is how I travel. On campus, I walk or ride my bike from location to location, seldom even using the bus system. In that sense, I use almost no resources besides the resources already consumed to create bike paths and my bicycle. However, when I need to commute back to my home, I find myself sitting either in my parents’ car or a bus, both of which emit fumes and use fossil fuel resources. When I do get home, I drive my own car more than using any other form of transportation. Here, I am again using fossil fuels as well as emitting fumes into the air around me. As for long distances, I...

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