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America is one of the most overweight and under exercised countries. People have become lazy and fat over the years. Fast food restaurants are surrounded everywhere and people are addicted to it because it's cheap and they want it now. People will make up any excuse they can to avoid exercising. The most common excuse for not working out is, "I don't have time. There are many benefits to living a healthy lifestyle and living a longer life is one of the benefits.
Obesity is taking over the country. “More than one-third of U.S. adults (35.7%) are obese (“Adult Obesity Facts” 1). This fact is very shocking. Why don’t people realize that being obese is affecting their life? Wouldn’t someone much rather eat healthy and feel good about themselves than feel sluggish all day? People are just lazy in general. Individuals pick the closest parking spot to their destination instead of choosing a farther spot in order to avoid walking. Parking in a farther parking spot will burn extra calories! Another sensible decision people may perhaps make is to take the stairs instead of riding the elevator; this will burn twice as many calories within the day just for making a different choice. Every little choice matters when someone is trying to make health a top priority.
People always try to find shortcuts to lose weight and consequently, they will do anything they can to avoid working out. As a result, people turn to fad diets. Fad diets do not work and people should stay away from them! Fad diets claim they will help lose a lot of weight in an unrealistic period of time. In the long term, the weight does not stay off. The person who goes on a fad diet will eventually binge and go back to their old eating habits. First of all, losing weight in a short period of time is not healthy. When people go on a temporary diet they restrict their selves from certain foods and nutrients that their body needs in order to function properly. The correct way to lose weight is to not be on a diet but to just eat healthier foods and be more active. People always turn to diet pills that state they will get you ripped. For some reason people think it will kill them if they workout at least once in their life.
Many people feel hopeless when it comes...

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