Living A Healthy Lifestyle: Nutrition And Weight Management

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Nutrition and Weight Management
Weight management is a long time approach to living a healthy lifestyle. This includes a good balance of healthy eating and physical activity. Weight management doesn’t include ‘diets’ that are aimed for ‘quick’ weight loss, but more so focused on the long term results that are often achieved through a good balanced diet and exercise, but results are often slow. Managing an individual’s weight is crucial to reduce obesity and the rick of major health issues that come with being overweight.
The Ottawa Charter can help prevent obesity and encourage nutrition because it promotes healthy eating and regular exercise but also teaches about the health risks that ...view middle of the document...

As it shows children the real dangers of being overweight or obese and gives them more control to choose their lifestyle.

Create Supportive Environment
The community needs to come together and make supportive environments for people who may be embarrassed or ashamed so that they can go to the gym or use the bicycle paths around town without feeling ashamed about their body shape.
The community can do this by encouraging people to get active together whether it is they have a mini marathon around town or have classes at the supermarket informing people on what sorts of foods they should be purchasing and what foods they should have in moderation.
These events will not be successful if they community doesn’t see a positive image attached to them. The events need to be seen as normal and enjoyable, not just for the ‘fit’ people but for whole community.
Examples: The Group Drive Fitness here in Tumut has ‘shape shifter’ classes which not only combines the positive environment of the gym and sometimes at the bull paddock but sessions of nutrition and what sort of foods people should be consuming.

Strengthen Community Action
Getting the shire involved in things they want to happen or the shire getting the community involved in the plans that the shire is making giving them an opportunity to voice their opinions and help with the organisation. being organised will make the community more enthusiastic about wanting to participate, that they will make their friends and family partake as well.
These organisations are often support groups for people with a common interest or goal. In this case wanting to lose weight, a support group for these people is a motivation factor for people who may be overweight as they have a group of people behind them encouraging them to reach their goals. The individual will also have a safe environment to go to without feeling embarrassed.
Unfortunately I couldn’t find a support group around the Tumut Region for overweight and obesity. After a few phone calls the way to go about this problem would be to go to the local doctor and he may refer you to...

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