Living A Pluralistic Way Of Life Who Sees Diversities As A Connection To Mankind

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"Culture", as a word, fits with a group of words that do not have just one definition or meaning, but multiple. With a diverse population prevailing in the United States today, our country is a melting pot of diverse cultures, every distinctive in its own respect. Culture is distinguishing one social group from another, including beliefs, language, traditions, art, food, religion and economic systems. Through lifelong and ever altering processes of learning, and sharing, culture shapes our patterns of behavior and thinking. A culture’s significance is so philosophical that it touches almost every aspect of who and what we are. As Henslin once said “Culture becomes the lens through which we perceive and evaluate what is going on around us.” It becomes who we are and how we see things differently from the people of a different nationality. In Warren St. John’s Outcasts United, culture is an important aspect that plays a significant role throughout the book and challenges the refugees in their daily lives. Having a pluralistic society can influence the behavioral and thinking styles of the people living around them. Some of these people may learn from the diverse range of cultures to find faults in their own living styles and try to better improve them. The Liberian’s, the Middle Easterner’s and the African’s are some of the examples of how one’s culture can impact lives of the people living around them.
Starting a new life in a different culture is not easy, but instead, it is very hard to overcome some of the challenges that one may encounter. When visitors first arrive to a striving country, like America, they are excited to live the life they have been dreaming about for years. But after a certain amount of time, they start feeling frustrated and depressed due to problems adapting to certain changes. Some of these could involve social or religious problems. Generose, a refugee says, “I thought America would be paradise” (John 148) after she learns of the many complications waiting for her. The refugees from the Middle East faced many challenges in America, they not only did not know how to speak English but they also had never experienced American lifestyle before. In their country, women’s wore hijabs and roamed the streets and the food was completely unalike. Back home, their food consisted of curry and rice; pork was strictly prohibited. These people never became comfortable with the customs of America, their culture always held them back. Great change was bought on the arrival of the Middle Eastern culture, “suddenly Clarkston’s streets were filled with women wearing the hijab, the smells of cumin and curry.” (John 48). To support for these changes, many compromises were made. Since the “Middle Eastern Refugees had no interest in pork – pork sales declined” (174), “each culture had its own preferred type" (174). New markets had to open to provide what was needed by the people. Almost all of the markets located near this newly arrived...

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