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Living alone is an aspiration of most teenagers. However, the legal age to live alone in the United Sates is 18. Some may say that 18 is a good age, and even say it should be lowered. But, recent researches have shown that a teen’s brain is not developed as earlier believed. It may be something a teenager wants to do, but is not ready for. Teenagers do not have the ability to live alone before, or at, the age of 18.
Being a ‘teenager’ is said to be between the ages of 13-19, due to the ages ending with the word teen. Although this response is logical, the human brain is not completely developed until after the age of 19. A recent study suggest, “The physical changes associated with puberty begin as early as 7 or 8 years of age and are generally completed by age 16-18, while the psychological changes associated with adolescence occur between the ages of 12 and 21.”(Modulation of Adolescent Brain). To summarize, the human brain does not completely overcome puberty effects until age 21. Thus, most are unable to have adult-like thoughts. If an 18 year-old was allowed to live alone, they may not be mentally mature enough to live. The psychological mindset is not safe for a teen to be living by oneself.
Up until age 18, a child starts to rely less on a parent and towards one’s self. This adjustment cannot be verified to be immediate. A teenager cannot be rely on or understand how to fulfill the financial requirements of living alone. Sue Headley offers, “A number of possible reasons for this increase in self-direction include a capitalist discourse that encourages individual accountability, a need for young people to react to increased financial on their parents, a lack of awareness of outside influences in ‘personal’ decisions, and a discrepancy between perceived influences in fictitious scenarios and what happens in real life.” (Headley). Not only does this quote purpose that a teen is not prepared to be financial independent, but it also stats that teens do not have full experiences on making their own decisions. While living alone will allow a teenager to learn and grow independent, it cannot be assured that a teen living on their own will make the correct choice. Additionally, a wrong decision while living by one’s self may lead to serious consequences that a teenager might not fully understand. Summing it up, teens do not have the ability to understand ‘real life’ consequences and decisions they need to make while living alone.
Correspondingly, a teen’s decision-making is disproportionate with an adult’s. When living alone, it is crucial to have the skills of multi-tasking and making the best decisions. However, many teens do not have these skills. An article states, “Brain scans revealed an unexpected level of activity in the prefrontal cortex- the area of the brain involved in decision-making and multitasking. This...

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