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The Life And Death Of Crazy Horse By Russell Freedman

775 words - 3 pages


Alex Olofson

Period 2

Ms. Ponsford



By Russell Freedman

Crazy horse was born in the fall of 1840 near Bear Butte on the Belle Fourche River in South Dakota, in the Black Hills. The actual place and date of his birth are uncertain. He was killed at Fort Robinson, Nebraska, in 1877, so that he lived barely thirty-three years.

The reason I believe they wrote this book is because he was part of the American History and he was a hero to his own people. The author did his research and found a lot of information about Crazy Horse, and then he started writing about Crazy Horse's life. Some of the information was that Crazy Horse had one priority to preserve the traditional way of life of the Lakota people. Since Crazy Horse was young he had a reputation as a legendary warrior, killing his first buffalo at the age of twelve, stealing horses from the Crow Indians before he was even a teenager, and leading his first war party at the age of twenty.� He earned his reputation with his skills and how brave he was on the battlefield, and his loyalty. Crazy Horse was a fierce warrior.

He wanted the preservation of the Lakota's traditional way of living.� When the U.S. Government ordered all Lakota people to live in reservations in 1876, Crazy Horse became leader of the resistance.� He gathered 1,200 Oglala, Cheyenne and Lakota warriors and took on the U.S. forces. Troops from General George Crook retrieved at Rosebud Creek, and then he joined with Sitting Bull at the successful battle of Little Bighorn.� After that victory, Sitting Bull and the other chiefs went to Canada, but Crazy Horse...

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