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Contents1 Summary2 Eating and Drinking in Space3 Effects of Microgravity on the Human Body4 Personal Hygiene in Space5 Sleeping in Space6 Cleaning and Maintenance1 SummaryThere are many difficulties involved with humans living and working in space. Yet careful planning and an understanding of how the human body reacts to the conditions experienced in orbit of the Earth allow astronauts to safely live, work and travel in space.The aim of this report is to investigate the practical aspects of living and working in space and it's effects on the human body and then justify a design for a space station that overcomes these problemsThe main resources that I have used to obtain information for this report were websites and my ScienceWorld 10 textbook.2 Eating and Drinking in SpaceIt is vital that astronauts maintain a healthy balanced diet during their stay in space. To achieve this, astronauts prepare their menus months in advance of a mission and have them checked by dietitians. The quality of food items has improved throughout the Space Program, and now, the Shuttle Food System contains of a variety of meals that look like freshly prepared food, including many items that are commercially available on grocery store shelves.As there is no refrigerator or freezer for food available on board most of the spacecraft currently in use, alternative methods of preserving foods are used. NASA categorises all consumable food items into five different categories:1. Rehydratable food:Rehydratable food has had all the water removed from it. The meal is soaked in water before it is consumed2. Thermostabilized food:Thermostabilized foods are heat processed to destroy microorganisms and enzymes. Individual servings of thermostabilized foods are prepackaged for one serving and can be easily cut open after preheating.3. Intermediate moisture foods:This term describes food items that are preserved by restricting the water available for microbial growth while retaining sufficient water to give the food a soft texture and allow it to be eaten without further preparation.4. Natural form foods:Food items such as nuts, granola bars and cookies are classified as natural form foods. They are ready to eat, packaged in flexible pouches and require no further processing before consumption in flight.5. Irradiated meat:Beef steak and smoked turkey are irradiated products. The meat is cooked, packaged in pouches and sterilized by exposure to ionizing radiation so that they are stable at ambient temperature.Loose particles of food or drink can cause problems by floating into instrument panels and causing malfunctions. To solve this problem, drinks are stored and consumed from sealed containers with straws (see appendix Fig 1) and crumby foods such as bread are either avoided or replaced by alternatives such as flour tortillas.In microgravity, eating upside down feels no different than eating right way up. Because of this, astronauts often choose to eat their meals from special meal...

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