Living In A Little Man's World

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“Appearances are not held to be a clue to the truth. But we seem to have no other”. This quote was spoken by Ivy Compton-Burnett which states that we tend to have a belief that appearances are what define a persons self and as to who we see them as. We don’t take into consideration that they can be anything or anyone else regardless of their image. An example of a misjudged stereotype based on appearance would be characters of giants in all sorts of media. Hearing the word giant, many form a mental image of a very large, intimidating being who has a disfigured stature with repulsive characteristics. That mental image leads many to label giants as unintelligent, slow and aggressive beings. ...view middle of the document...

The ringmaster, Amos Calloway, immediately took action into convincing Karl to join the circus seeing him as a treasure that needed to be obtained. He asked him if he knew certain terms relating to a contract just to make sure if Karl had any knowledge of them or not. He was questioning Karl's intelligence and was suspecting he had never heard of such terms, basing his opinion on Karl's appearance. This scene implies that the ringmaster was correct in his judgement, succeeding to get Karl's signature and hiring him as part of the circus to be presented. The filmmakers indicate that Karl's appearance relates to his lack of knowledge, making him get manipulated into signing the contract without knowing what it meant.

In Bryan Singer's Jack the Giant Slayer, the giants were portrayed as an aggressive, vicious and impulsive race of beings. The gruesome detail of their appearance adds on to their aggressive and vicious natures of which the giants are represented to have by the filmmakers. The giants have been bent on revenge ever since they were exiled and their connection with the mortals severed for centuries, until one day they finally get the opportunity to reclaim the land they once lost, reigniting a war with the vicious warriors that were once thought to have existed only in legends. This behaviour of theirs makes them hasty in their attacks, having no strategical battle strategies, instead only relying on their intimidating size and strength compared to the humans. Their hotheaded actions, lead them to become vulnerable to the humans and were effortlessly controlled and overruled by a mere crown. The prejudiced portrayal of the giants intelligence was shown in a scene where one of the giants who was positioned as a guard at the cliff was asleep when he was supposed to have kept a watchful eye out in
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order to prevent the escape of the humans. His lack of common sense to stay awake and alert caused him to be easily dealt with by Jack and Elmont, placing a bee hive in his helmet. After ripping the helmet off, the giant was defeated by a single bee approaching him, giving him that final push to send him toppling down the cliff. The scene gave an impression that the giant wasn’t intelligent to...

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