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Living In Amberg Essay

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When it comes to living in Amberg, Germany, I will admit to being somewhat biased. Those who are fortunate enough to live within Amberg’s original medieval Town “Egg” (the original town is surrounded by an egg shaped castle wall), are given the opportunity to experience historic beauty, architecture and simplistic life. The original medieval town remains surrounded by the original double wall fortification, four town gates, multiple towers, ramparts and a vast dry moat Much of the populace has resided in Amberg their entire lives, occupying a home which has been in their family for many generations. To this day the City (population: 44,737) (DATEANDTIME.INFO), and inner medieval town center ...view middle of the document...

In the medieval Old Town Square is the St. Martin’s Cathedral, which though massive does not overpower the Square, yet rather seems to bring harmony to the Town Hall and the prominent surrounding historic buildings. The Old Town Square is the place to be, there’s a relaxed enjoyment and amusement in sharing the customary day to day custom of shopping the fresh markets or sitting at one of the local outdoor Café’s. The ambiance of the Square itself brings great pleasure. In Germany numerous people frequent the market town square to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, cheeses, eggs, breads and various goodies. On our weekends my wife and I enjoy strolling to the Town Square to sit at an outdoor Café, drink cappuccino and nibble on croissants, soaking up the atmosphere while watching the activity in the town square. All with St. Martin’s Cathedral, the gothic Town Hall with its Renaissance wing and the Wedding Fountain as the backdrops. The local nationals are very helpful and friendly, many of them know a little English, and if not we seem to figure out a way to communicate enough to complete a transaction or the task at hand.
It has been my pleasure to have been befriended by a very nice couple who have resided in Amberg their entire lives. Heir Horst and Fraulein Imgard were both born in their family homes in Amberg in the 1930’s, attended the same school and church. In later years, during higher education (high school), Horst and Imgard became sweethearts. They married shortly after graduating school. Horst’s father and his grandfather owned a small shoe repair shop a few blocks from Amberg’s Town Square, which was located on the ground floor of the building Horst’s family owned and resided in. There were three floors, the top floor was Horst’s grandparents living quarters, on the second floor Horst’s lived with his parents, with the shoe shop on the main floor. Horst learned the trade of his father and grandfather. After Horst had completed school, he began working with his father in the shoe repair shop. Horst’s grandparents had passed on by this time. Horst and Imgard were married and moved into the third floor quarters of his family home. Upon Horst’s father’s retirement, Horst took over the shoe repair shop. Horst and Imgard have three daughters, and two grandchildren, all who live nearby. Horst is retired now and still resides in his childhood home with his wife. The shoe repair shop is now Horst’s and Imgard’s personal hobby and garden shop. They enjoy the peaceful little garden they have made behind their home and I am lucky enough to be invited on occasion to enjoy time with them there.
In Amberg there always seems to be an event or a festival of some sort taking place. One of the most famous festivals is the Amberger Brunnenfest aka Amberg Fountain Festival, (Ferrum)which commemorates the 1474 A.D. wedding celebration of the 16th century marriage of the Prince Palatine Philipp and Margaret of Bavaria-Landshut which took place in...

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