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Living In A Digital Age Essay

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-Living in a digital age-Digital age is same thing as "modernism" and modernism can simply be defined as an overall socially progressive trend of thought that affirms the power of human beings creates, improve and reshape their environment with the aid of practical, experimental and scientific knowledge or technology. In modernism, there are some certain impacts on social, economic and political life of the societies today, because it has touched all these areas. When we talked of the impact of digital age or modernism on the society, we will be focusing on the changes we have on the social aspects of the world in general, that is, how the society is socially on progress. In the economic life of the societies, we will be focusing on the technologies that changed how people lived, where they lived and how they thought, why there is a rapid change in the production of goods, and also the means of moving those goods from place to another in today's society. In political life, we have the changes in politics, the rise of working class, and the reason why many are poor and lived in bad conditions while the fewer enjoyed the profits. Industrial revolution is one of the impacts of modernism in the economic life of the societies today because the use of new technologies and inventions of machines helps towards increasing production of goods and services and also delivering those goods to the appropriate place when needed. Today mechanized production and modern economic growth continue to spread to some new areas. As at that period, workers move from their working environment to another in order to search for a perfect industry with requirement that will make work easier and saves time because as at that period before industrial revolution took place, working at the industry is something different because things and requirement aren't the way they are because the means to carrying out the work is not there but by man power. It was claimed that the factory systems developed during that period were responsible for the modern cities nowadays, because the system was new, and the workers had not experienced such, and thus everyone has an opportunity to go to somewhere in search of greener posture of the world, and much of some human beings have not yet knew or had about the changes. Economic generate a great distribution of funds extracted from resources, which then led to a progressive shift in legislation. After the second and third reform acts, income inequality was reduced by progressive and successive acts of legislation which gave a free public.Education had also strengthened the legal standing of the trade unions that aided the aged, the sick ones, and the unemployed individuals without abridging their political rights and replaced regressive with progressive taxes on income, land, and inherited wealth. Selling of goods and services like in British, east India companies were opportune by the government; larger ships were built because of enlightenment...

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