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Living In Canada, Thoughts On Rights And Freedom

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Living in Canada is something we take for granted. For example owning a house of your own and our rights and freedoms that what it is like living in a democracy.Canada is a democratic country. Living in a democracy promotes the development of inquiring, tolerant people. Living in a democracy gives us the rights and courage to take a stance and say we don't like how our government is operating; we can demand ...view middle of the document...

The party would have are questions answered for us and if we think a crime has been committed by a person of higher authority we can sue and serve a possible prison term. Countries that are democratic in nature have a different understanding of democracy. If a citizen stands up for their rights they will be killed because they are challenging a higher authority.For example Cuba or China are tolerances communist but very weak. The reason why the western countries and other democratic countries are more tolerable towards their citizen rights is called " survival of the fittest". In the country we live in everyone beliefs and opinions are tolerated so everyone can live there lives how every they want.Rights are inalienable: they can be taken away from us. The right to practice the religion of your choice is not an inalienable right. Look at the countries where practicing the religion of your choice can get you killed. Examples of countries are Saudi Arabia and China or even Syria. This is why people in these countries have no right to what they can practice or serve consequents will arise.

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