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Living In Cities Is Better Than Living In The Countryside. Do You Agree Or Disagree? Give Reason(S) To Support Your Statement.

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As Malaysia moves steadily towards the future, people work harder to improve their life. They migrate from the countryside to cities in search of jobs and create a better future. According to the Oxford Dictionary, countryside means the areas of land used for farming (and not a town or suburb) while city means a large and important town. Max Weber, a well-known sociologist defines countryside as the inhabitants of rural areas while city refers as an ‘anonymity’ or extensive reciprocal personal acquaintance of the inhabitants and the characteristic of the neighbourhood is lacking. The examples of the countryside in Malaysia are Gua Musang, Baling, and Bintulu while Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, and Kota Kinabalu are the examples of cities. Department of Statistics Malaysia stated that the population of people who live in cities is 63% which is higher than people who live in the countryside with 37% in June 2013. Although the population of people who live in cities is higher than the countryside, I believe that living in the countryside is far better than living in cities for three reasons.
First of all, countryside has a beautiful scenery and peaceful environment. There are a lot of breathtaking sceneries, spaces, and other amazing places. We can enjoy the beauty of nature like mountains, lakes, rivers, forests and waterfalls in the countryside where we can’t get in the city. The natural environment somehow helps to avoid worries and sadness instead of gaining a healthy life. Moreover, as there are no crowded streets and heavy traffic in the countryside, it is less stressful because there isn't any time pressure and the traffic conditions are better. To add, there are no fumes from cars or smoke from factories to pollute the air. The trees surrounded the countryside help people from inhaling the polluted air. The air is fresh, and the countryside is free from pollution, be it air, land or noise pollution. Furthermore, people in the countryside are more conscious of keeping their surroundings clean, so there is little throwing of rubbish everywhere, only at designated places. This is unlike the cities where if the garbage trucks do not collect the rubbish disposed by household, it will be overflowing with rubbish. This issue will attract the mosquitoes, fly, rats and wild dogs to pollute their surrounding instead of cause them to have diseases like dengue and cholera. Consequently, besides enjoying the natural environment, people who live in countryside is healthier than people in cities.
Next, social interaction of people who live in the countryside is quite different than people who live in cities. There aren't so many people in countryside, and they usually know each other well. So, the tendency of people among them to do crime is lower. Population pressure is one of the factors that might force people to do crime as they compete for jobs, space, mates and resources, and this is always happen in large towns. Royal Malaysia Police stated the crime...

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