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Living In The Dorms Versus Living At Home

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After graduating from high school on June 3, 2012, I quickly realized coming to college would be my first step towards becoming an adult. I wondered how living in a college dorm would differ from living in my parents’ house, or would it just be the same as living at home? I could not answer the question at that time. When I first stepped on the campus of Lamar University, I felt very comfortable with the people I came in contact with and the campus surroundings. I thought to myself, “This school would be a great way to see what life was about outside of my parents’ house”. Over the past year, I have found there are differences between living in the dorms and living at home.
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After eating basically everything that the dining hall has to offer, I have come to a conclusion that nothing is better than a home cooked meal served by family at home. Another complaint that I have about college housing is the fact that the rooms do not come with a kitchen. Only the main office had a kitchen that was to be shared by everyone in the entire dormitory. This became hassle because students couldn’t just walk in and use the kitchen whenever they please. Instead, they had to book a time during the day in which they would use the kitchen. Eating at home is better than eating at Lamar University because, the food tastes better and the kitchen is free to use at all times.
Freedom is obviously one thing that has the most dramatic difference on a student’s college experience. The freedom students had living at home is nothing compared to the freedom they have in college. Students have the ability to literally do whatever they chose to do. Nobody bosses them around and tells them that they have to do this and that or commands them to do...

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