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Living & Learning Essay

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Living & Learning
Writing is important because it allows us to communicate with others. There are various types of writing such as; journals, essays, narratives, texting, emails, and blogs. Currently, I am a student at Brandman University. As a student, I had the opportunity to write a great deal. Yet I seldom think of myself as writer, possibly this is equivalent to how I deliberate other activities. For instance, I love to cook, but I would certainly not think of myself as a chef. To me a chef is a trained professional who is skillful in all characteristics related to cooking. Therefore, I just think of myself as a person who likes to devote my time in the kitchen cooking. By the same ...view middle of the document...

In the past, I believed that revision was not important. Now, I know that it is imperative that I revise my work to ensure that I effectively reach my audience.
Moreover my writing experiences have been constructive and allowed me to grow as a writer. For instance, after receiving my research essay I listened and read the feedback given by Professor De Soiza. I revised his constructive feedback and made the suggested corrections. For instance, one of his suggestions was to avoid being too general and provide specific details that validate my claims such as facts or statistics. After completing this course I understand that in order to validate and persuade my audience I need to validate my claim. Now, when I am preparing to complete a writing assignment there are various factors that I consider. For instance, first I review the assignment and grading rubric. This allows me to understand the writing assignment. Next, I plan and brainstorm my ideas. Subsequently I draft a thesis, develop an introduction, body, and conclusion. Finally, I begin to revise my paper. Since, I know that I am not an effective writer. I like to have various people read my paper and provide me with their constructive feedback. Their constructive feedback allows me to efficiently communicate with my audience.
Furthermore, the way that I have approached writing is with an optimistic attitude. Although I had hard time writing, I believe that by furthering my education I can become an assertive writer. Having a negative attitude toward writing is not good because it makes me dislike what I am doing. However, when I have a positive attitude and put effort towards becoming an effective writer I can improve my writing. I believe that by implementing the various strategies and tools that I have acquired at Brandman University will allow be to become an assertive writer. For instance, I plan to use the American Psychological Association (APA) citation and format style. ...

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