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Living Life With Fibromyalgia Essay

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The morning air was crisp and the sound of early birds at my bedroom window filled the silence in the house. I don’t remember waking up to my alarm, but I do remember the restless night I had experienced. The sharp pain still lingered in my abdomen identical to how the stench of cigarettes asphyxiates wallpaper. Excruciating pain that kept me from a decent night’s sleep, nevertheless I was excited. It was the first day of my first course in the Veterinary Technician Program. Nothing was going to keep me from attending it, nothing. Although, I couldn’t help but think why was I still in so much pain? There were no complications during my son’s birth back in December, so that can’t be it. The implants that were placed to deter pregnancy were removed after being rejected, but that was well over a month ago. Pushing the thought aside I made the 30 minute journey to school.
Everything started off as expected and I felt as though I had finally found my true calling in life. Then it happened. My doctor’s appointment was scheduled the first week of class, and I was anxious to finally get the much anticipated answers to the source or cause of my pain. But the news I received left me dumbfounded. My body went numb, comparable to being thrown into a sea of ice where I had no time to react. Frozen in time, the doctor’s words drifting in mid-air, my mind would not accept these words so instead I was left watching them as if they were solid masses in front of my eyes. Fibromyalgia—a disease that doctors are still studying and many know little about. How could this happen? How did I get this disease? All these questions raced through my mind. When the doctor had no reply, the questions derailed from their thoughtful track and crashed into the brick wall that was placed all around them. “No one really knows, it just happens,” is what he told me. A flood of emotions erupted like a dam had just exploded inside of me. My husband tightly held my hand as we left the doctor’s office. As soon as we were out the door I cried. I cried as though I was a colicky infant and nothing was going to soothe me. What do I do now? What can I do? The drive home was a blur, but the drive to school was nonexistent. Don’t ask what happened then, because I do not remember.
There wasn’t much to be found during my research, but thankfully my newest friend had the elucidation I yearned for. It just so happened that 3 months prior to this unfortunate event we became great friends. Granted we started the Program together back in October, but we were only acquaintances then. Funny how these brief instances will re-emerge later in life, illuminating what we once could not see on our own. She was only 20 years of age and already suffering from many invincible diseases. I remember being 20. That was the time I found my first true love, not knowing that we would end up as husband and wife shortly after. We were so young and so naïve to think that nothing else in...

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