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Living On Campus During College: Positive Reasons

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Among numerous scholars and parents, debate on where students ought to live has persisted even up to date. This is due to each side holding onto varied arguments supporting their respective arguments besides trying to justify them based on benefits. Some argue on basis of expenses whereas the other on what a student will have to attain or loose based on the choice one makes concerning where to live. Loosing or gaining in most cases is in terms of education as well as social maturity, which one attains when mingling with other people of the same age. Based on the two choices concerning where to live, staying on the campus is more advantageous to the students than when one is out of its surrounding.
For instance, living on campus helps students to engage more with the academic surroundings. Students living on campus spend most of their time in schoolroom environment (“University at Buffalo”). This helps them to interact between themselves and their lecturers that allows for an introduction part to university-level learning. This however leads to the development of different ideas, views and believes on educationally based issues. Classroom environment provides the student with an organized and constant learning opportunity. Interaction amongst students and the lecturers mostly in lecture halls or classrooms allows for information transmission that helps in shaping of individual thoughts. There are many learning resource available for the campus resident students. Moreover, students experience accessibility to study groups, computer labs, recreational centers, library online system as well as the internet among other resources. Students are also able to study and sleep in their rooms with minimal or without undue disturbances from noise or other kinds of distractions. Staying on...

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