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Living On Campus Or Off Campus

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  Nowadays, a number of college students choose to live off campus by renting a house or apartment in a community. There are many their own reasons to justify this choice. However, in spite of the freedom and comfort gained from living outside the college, most students still prefer to live in dormitories. In my opinion, I believe that the dormitory life is more meaningful and suitable for students who are pursuing higher education.
Actually, living on campus or off campus are really difficult to chosen by freshmen. In China, a lot of students lived with parents before their go to university. Some of students have been living in the dorms until now. Both of them have their advantages and ...view middle of the document...

  Fist of all, group living in dormitories helps college students learn how to increased social life well to others. Normally, at least four students are living under one roof. Thus, each roommate is required to play a part in creating and maintaining a harmonious atmosphere. In a sense, the dormitory is like a campus community which has its basic rules for everyone to obey. With the general goal of building a good environment for all, students will become far more self-conscious than before. They would try to carry on suitable communications among themselves. In the meantimes,quarrels, arguments or even conflicts may be unavoidable. Whenever these situations occur, efforts should be made to find the best solutions so as to repair damaged relationships. As soon as the problems are solved, individuals involved may obtain more profound knowledge of techniques used in relating to others. As time goes by, students within such a circle may gradually comprehend the art of human relations. Students learn how to study together,even though different majors. Then your GPA will increases a little bit. In addition to these reasons, students will keep deep friendships. Therefore, each roommate learn to help each other and emulate their own advantages. For instance, a Chinese college student who killed his roommate. This college student performance is excellent and never lived with other person. The mostly killing reason that each roommates played card in dorms. It just a little thing, but results had a lot of misunderstanding with roommates. Suddenly,this man products many anger and appeared vision. So, this tragedy happened and one one alive. Avoid tragedy happened, each roommates should contact everyday and talk to each other own disadvantages in advance. Everybody should have own character and chang it.
  Second, due to safety concerns, it is better to live on campus. Inside the university, all the dorm buildings are installed with digital security surveillance, which ensures safer surroundings for students. Some college required students swiping ID card, when they back to dorms. Like the University of Toledo. In addition, safety administrators are also taking charge of these buildings in case dangers or other unexpected incidents take place. They lived college dorms...

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