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Poverty is a state in which one lacks the financial resources to live a stable way of life that is acceptable in society. The purpose of the living on SNAP experiment is to put our self into another person’s shoes who uses food stamps. Also the purpose of this experiment is to understand the pros and cons of a government designed program such as SNAP and how it helps provide basic resource needs to the many of Americans living in poverty.
While creating my hypothetical family I did not want to have the average American family that consist of a mother, father and multiple children. Instead, I decided to have a single mother, 33 years of age and her daughter 15 years of age. The main income ...view middle of the document...

Then I divided the $977 in half to determine the adjusted income resulting in $488.50. The second to last step was to determine if the shelter cost was more than half of the adjusted income $700 - $488.50 = $211.50. The final step is to subtract the excess amount $977- 211.50 = $699.50. Then multiply the previous total times .3. Since the net income of the family income is less than $1963 allowed for a family of two my household has met the income test and the monthly allotment is $209.85 which rounds up to $210.
The places that I shopped at to spend the $210 of Food Stamps were at Wal-Mart, Rio Grande Supermarket and Save-A lot. I chose Rio Grande Supermarket, Fiesta Supermarket and Save-A lot because you can find cheaper food items at these places than another food store. For example, those three places have good deals on fruits and vegetables. I shopped at Wal-Mart for the meat and sea food items basically I shopped there for the main dinner items. While shopping for food items I started at the cheapest place I thought I could find food items which was Rio Grande Supermarket the I proceeded to Save-A lot , Fiesta Supermarket and finally to Wal-Mart. Before I went shopping for groceries I made my thirty day meal plan which might have helped me know what to buy than instead of just going to the grocery store and just throwing random things into the cart. On the trip to the grocery store in the back of my mind I keep worrying about what if I go over my $210 budget.
Even though this is just an experiment I still felt stress and frustrated about the cost of grocery items in the different stores as if I was actually a recipient of Food Stamps. One thing that frustrated me the most while doing this experiment was making the thirty day meal plan. Breakfast, lunch and dinner every day for thirty days and on top of that I had to follow the healthy food...

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