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Although living with your boyfriend/girlfriend may seem like a great idea, it is not always in the best interest of everyone involved. For some people this situation works out for the better, while others need a little more space than living with a significant other may provide. Sharing a living environment with another person has various good and bad points.There is usually more money when living with someone else. There are shared incomes and there is an opportunity to split the bills, which creates a little more spending money. This possibly allows each person to work fewer hours and have more quality time to spend with one another.In contrast, when couples live apart they generally have less money since they both have double the expenses. There are rent, utilities, car insurance/payments and many more bills to worry about in a month/year. This, in turn, leads to more hours spent at work and less time to spend with one another. Sometimes this creates friction in the relationship and causes more fights then normal because couples never get to see each other and when you do there isn't much money to spend and twosome usually end up sitting home doing nothing.Having a constant companion makes people less lonely and results in more quality time spent together. Quality alone time with one another is a very important thing in every relationship. Couples get to know each other's quirks, good and bad qualities, and habits faster when they live together. This generally accelerates the relationships essence and forces the couple to determine if they are meant to be together or not.When there is constantly another person around you for a long period of time people tend to be less lonely and not need as many friends in their lives. The couple falls into a daily routine of seeing each other, they become content with each other, and are inclined to have fewer outside relationships in their lives. Friends become less of a necessity and time spent with each other increases. Too much time spent with one person is not always a good thing. Couples get into a rut with their relationships and find themselves with no one else to turn to but each other. Their friends become agitated with the sudden rejection and turn to other people for company, which leaves the twosome very much alone.Chores become a shared quality time when two people abide in the same residence. They become less frequent and take less time since there are two people working instead of one. It works out well because the two can pass some of the chores they don't prefer onto the other and vice versa. Although, when there are two people living in a...

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