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Living to Blend In In America today, our cultures are clashed and blended; there is not only one race nor is there only one religion. In other countries, culture does not vary to a great extent; everyone is the same. It is not only in today's society that America is a mixture of cultures, but people from other countries immigrated to the United States before 1860. Although it has been said that America is the land of freedom and opportunities, immigrants needed strategies in order to survive and stay on their feet. Immigrants had to play various roles, as if they were acting in a play t blend in with the rest of society. Although some of these strategies that these people used were failures, most of them seemed to be successful.In the late 1800s, when many immigrated to the Untied States, people used strategies in order to survive every day life in America. Strategies of the immigrants were very different from those of the Colonists. The immigrants did not wear the traditional garments of their homeland, but instead they tried to dress the "American style" in order to blend or fit in. In the motion picture Far and Away, directed by Ron Howard, Joseph started to dress differently once he was used to the American lifestyle. When Joseph started to earn money through the start of his boxing career, he bough himself new suits and hats that only the rich would wear. People did not see him as an Irish immigrant, but as and American making is way to the top, one of their own. Immigrants also learned to speak English, and did not use their native languages in public. Some even spoke better English than the Americans. By the immigrants speaking English well, they could participate in conversations with the Americans and walk the streets with out not knowing what others are saying. The immigrants also found jobs to support their family. By working in these American factories or work places, it not only earned them money to survive, but it brought them more in to the American society, and they were better involved with other people besides their families. Another strategy that immigrants used was communication between families. The commentary, "Families Enter America" by John Badnar, it discussed how people helped each other through communication. A section of this reads, "Relatives and friends constantly sent information back and forth regarding locations to live and potential places of employment." (Badnar 57). The immigrants helped each other find jobs and housing and they shared knowledge in order to survive. Another strategy used to blend in with the American people was practicing different religions. Some might have gone to different churches to learn more about Christianity, since it was the religion that most Americans practiced. Although outside their homes these immigrants practiced different religions, inside their homes many kept and practiced their own and unique religions. When many made the journey to Ellis Island, they did not have a plan....

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