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The National Marriage Project (2000) is educating young men and women on the perils of living together, prior to marriage, in their book “Should We Live Together.” The co-directors are both Ph.D.’s, one a behavioral sciences dean at Rutgers and the other an author and social critic who writes extensively on issues of marriage, family and child wellbeing. The book focuses on the risks of cohabitating before marriage, which is not only unsafe, unprofitable, but also does not increase the chance of a marriage lasting. Not surprisingly, very few understand all these undesirable factors that so many young men and women face when they decide to attempt cohabiting.
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“Child abuse has become a major national problem and has increased dramatically in recent years, by more than 10% a year according to one estimate” (Sedlak & Broadhurst, 1996). This data, however, does not differentiate between different styles of living. With puberty happening around the age of twelve and marriage happening around the age of 26, the sexual promiscuity creates more unmarried people living together with children. With the ever increasing number of children living with “stepfathers” or the mother’s boyfriend the personal and social difficulties these children will face will also only increase. With a couple splitting the costs of everything within a household, one would think the low income would slowly change over time.
Cohabitants start living together for a couple of reasons, safe sexual practice, a test before marriage, and a cost-saving maneuver. With two individual people sharing the financial burden of a household 50/50, based upon two separate incomes, the financial burden does decrease. This coupled with the ease of leaving your significant other without the expensive lawyer fees and possible asset separation, makes it more appealing. With the most suitable men being married already, some are simply substituting cohabitation for marriage to ensure that their pick is the best of the rest.
With so many people using cohabitation as a possible precursor to marriage, or even a substitute, one would think that those who decide to marry would choose the partner that would last. Popenoe and Whitehead (2002) state “the results of several studies suggest that cohabitation may change...

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