Living With A Venous Leg Ulcer; A Descriptive Study Of Patients' Experiences.

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The title is an effective title as it concisely informs us of the content of the study and makes us aware that the piece is qualitative (Cormack 1991), as it is a descriptive study of patients' experience. The author of the piece used to be a community teammanager and therefore would have success when writing this study, as she would have had a lot of experience of dealing with leg ulcers in the community. This is seen to be an important point by Cormack (1991) as it 'indicates that the quality of the published research is likely to be high' if the author has an appropriate background.Moving on to look at the article itself the first thing we see is that there is an abstract, which according to Cormack (1991), can be of considerable value. After reading the abstract it is possible to identify the research problem, outline the methodology, give some detail of the subjects and the data collection approach and pick out principal conclusions that were made. The inclusion of this evidence means that the piece of literature has started well and according to Cormack (1991) has good structure. When looking at the introduction to the study it can be seen that there is a need for this kind of research because it states that between 70000 and 90000 people are suffering from leg ulceration at any one time. However theses figures might be very different today as this piece was conducted in 1995 and there may have been a considerable change in six years. The introduction also detects a gap in the research of leg ulceration, as many studies have been completed in areas such as bandaging regimes for leg ulcers but 'less effort' has been directed towards examining the experiences and priorities of patients. This is therefore the rationale for undertaking the study (Cormack 1991).Moving on to the literature review a comprehensive review of literature is included about such topics as 'why explore experience of illness?' and 'quality of life of those with ulceration'. This is good because as Cormack (1991) states 'literature reviews should move from general discussion of the subject to the specific topic under investigation.' The article also looks into the strengths and weaknesses of previous studies, which is another of the points on Cormack's model. However it is important to note at this point that although the research was up to date when the study was written (as it should be, according to Cormack 1991) it is still dated, as the research article is. This doesn't mean that all of the information gained is of no use because it would be fair to say that a person's experience of the treatment, which hasn't changed dramatically, will still be near enough the same. However it is important to mention the age of the piece when reviewing it because its age may discredit it slightly.Looking further into the article we come to a section entitled 'The Study'. This gives us the aims of the research, which was to explore and describe the experience of living with a venous...

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