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Many children today unknowingly face the disorder known as Aspergers. Their traits can affect their social, mental, and behavioral aspects of life. Because of this, peers might classify them as weird simply because they do not act the same way, causing a decline in self confidence. Diagnosis can tremendously help to jumpstart treatment in this area. Despite lack of knowledge about Aspergers, a disorder closely related to autism, it is very much its own; not only in the way it is diagnosed, but also in its characteristics.
Hans Aspergers first described Aspergers syndrome by studying boys with Autistic tendencies, but normal language development and intelligence. In 1944, Aspergers ...view middle of the document...

On one end is Asperger’s, the other Autism, and in the middle high functioning autism. The two ends have proven to be vastly different. A good example is the Schoenwald family’s oldest son has mild Asperger’s and is living independently while their youngest has severe autism and cannot go to the bathroom by himself (Parents Face Fears, ). A diagnosis will tell a family where their child rests on this spectrum.
Asperger’s, although similar to Autism, has different symptoms. These characteristics include social, mental, and behavioral tendencies. One main struggle these children have is in the social sense; they want to fit in but because of their Asperger’s do not know how (Teens with Asperger’s, ). Other children may regard them as strange or weird simply because they act differently (Asperger’s Syndrome, ). They might improperly use gestures, have limited eye contact, seem to not be engaged in conversation, lack empathy or misunderstand social situations (Teens with Asperger’s, ). Lack of knowledge might lead a classmate to think the child does not want friends, while in actuality the child does not know how to make them. In Asperger’s syndrome, children also struggle with obsessive behavior, such as being interested in very narrow topics, such as a vacuum cleaner or a train schedule (Asperger’s Syndrome, 1). One mother describes the infatuation like this: “He’s fixated on food, on my pots and pans, and it’s a constant battle keeping him out of things” (Parents Face Fears, ). Obsessions like these make the child only want to talk about the object and to ignore everything else (A.D.A.M, 2). Lastly, common characteristics in a child with Aspergers would be the way they act behavior-wise; the things that are apparent to everyone. Unlike autistic individuals, they have no speech delays. However, their high pitch or lack of inflection may be noticeable in their speech. Another common symptom is “hand-flapping”; when a child gets anxious they might unconsciously start waving their hands in an effort to relax (A.D.A.M, 2). Though these characteristics may be hard to overcome, it is still possible for a child to learn how to reach past them.
After an individual with Asperger’s has been diagnosed, treatment options are available. There are no drugs to treat Asperger’s, only to treat depression or anxiety that might come...

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