Living With Dissociative Identity Disorder Essay

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Living With Dissociative Identity Disorder
As a teacher walks into her classroom, and demands attention she carefully instructs the students on how to perform the next step in their multiplication problem her students would never have thought she was anyone else but herself. However, she holds a secret that no one but her husband and family knows about. This seemingly normal teacher has been diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder, or otherwise known as DID. Dissociative Identity Disorder is a disorder, which typically happens after intense sexual or physical abuse, that the individual somehow splits their mind into several different personalities. This is why the previous name of ...view middle of the document...

The personality that teaches her class is her ‘teacher personality.’ Once she drops her children off and bids her husband goodbye in the mornings, ‘Sunshine’ retreats inside of her mind and the teacher comes out. The only time this constant continuum is disrupted is when something goes wrong with her children or husband, in which ‘Sunshine’ moves to the surface and goes into full mommy mode. However, when this occurs she is faced with having to complete the day in her ‘mommy personality’ as she calls it and her students can definitely tell a difference. This can cause role strains in the workplace and in the home, which is always difficult for individuals whom do not have a serious disorder, but for someone with Dissociative Identity Disorder the difficulties are doubled because at any give time who you really are could sadly cost you your employment ("Sunshine and shadows," 2011).
‘Sunshine’ expresses mainly enjoying her life and how herself and her alters have come to a point of cohabitation within her own brain. However, this is not her everyday attitude towards her situation. Although she expresses progress with her disorder, she still elaborates to her followers that it is not all sunshine, but sometimes there are shadows and darkness in paradise. Some of her main concerns are the feelings of never being alone. She is constantly with crowded within her own mind by different personalities. Also, she fears of outsiders discovering her mental health issue and out casting her from society. She identifies Dissociative Identity Disorder as a disorder that is not well known or widely accepted therefore the parents and school board of her job would not want her teaching their children although she has not caused any harm or problems with the amount of time she has been there yet she is still living in fear of being scrutinized ("Sunshine and shadows," 2011).
Although her life is mostly under the radar, and her job is constantly on the line Sunshine appears to live a happy life. She is slowly recovering from her past life of her father’s intense abuse. Although she has not released in detail about the past abuse, she has let some details slide about her father. She has intense hate towards him, even going as far as wishing for his death. She speaks about getting phone calls that he is extremely ill and close to death and she expresses her lack of sympathy towards him. She does not understand how her sister could care about such a man who did such things to them as a child. Apparently, her sister, although she is an adult, she lives with her father and cares for him. ‘Sunshine’ believes that this is the most distasteful thing her sister could do. Her family members constantly tell her to have compassion, that treating him like this will not right the wrongs he has done. However, she refuses to believe her mother and sister know best in this category. This awful past relationship with her father that still causes so much pain and resentfulness...

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