Living Without Sexism In A Sexist World

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The Reader’s Companion to U.S. Women’s History stated, “Sexism is the cultural assumption that men are superior to women and deserve preference and power over them.” (Bird, 1998) However, as I did research I found that sexism is not always men being superior to women, but also women being superior to men. Of course, this is normally a feeling brought about by actions, words, and perhaps even nothing at all. I believe that sexism is most common with women being the most irate about their inferiority to men. There are cases where men feel inferior to women, but I think that in these cases men might not be as quick to speak out about their problem as women are. Some people may believe that sexism is a completely natural reaction to problems in early childhood, sexual abuse, or other sickening occurrences. But, if we wish, we could probably come up with some excuse for every unnecessary feeling that we have. Although there may be correspondence between these things and sexism, this is not necessarily the cause. We are responsible for how we react to things that happen in our lives. Sexism is something we allow to control our feelings. “The National Organization for Women was formed in 1966 by activists who wanted “an NAACP for women” that would fight against sexism and sexual discrimination in U.S. society.” (National Organization for Women, 2001) Sexism is unbiblical, unnecessary and unethical.
Sexism runs rampant like an infectious disease in our society today. It comes like a roaring lion waiting to eat at its prey until he or she is irate with the seeming unfairness of it. Even I as a young lady have at times been maybe a little taken up with the arguments and irate attitudes of it. One of the biggest areas of society it has affected might be the workplace. As you

walk into work, you could be entering a place where men and women are vying for the best promotion, biggest paycheck and shortest hair. As a man walks through a door, what would be
the gentlemanly thing to do? Hold the door, right? However, what does society tell that gentleman? “I can hold my own door. Are you suggesting that you are stronger than I am?” There is a point when things can become silly should be considered before becoming angry over something so idiotic. Sexism also affects the places we shop. As you look around your local department store, what might you see? Would you see women’s clothes that look much like men’s? After all, should we not be equal to men? (in society’s eyes) Sexism in society has overall played a very negative role on people. It tells men they don’t need to be gentlemen, and sometimes even shouldn’t! Society has raised a sexist generation that is spreading rapidly and should be stopped.
Second, sexism has filtered into the church realm. This is a sad occurrence. Church should be a safe place; a...

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