Lobbyists In America And The Negative Impacts They Have On Society

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Political systems within the United States work together to establish laws and create boundaries for their people. Government officials work with the Senate in Congress to help establish regulations not only for the American people but also for corporations in order to not become monopolies in today’s market. This all corresponds to a legislative process in order for Congress to have a clear idea of passing effective laws that help reinforce results within our society. Members of Congress and political affiliations are impacted by representatives from large business corporations through the process of bribing these government officials into supporting the ideas and desires of these corporations. In order for this to occur, these companies engage in lobbying. Lobbying is the attempt to influence government officials in decision making processes or swaying the government by employing tactics through various agreements in the form of verbal or written statements to public officials in Congress. This usually occurs through donations of large amounts of money to members of Congress as a way of bribing them to support the representatives of these corporations. Therefore, corporations have widely influenced Congress, making it difficult to pass laws and bills that are not in favor of these corporations. Thus, lobbying is influenced by money and promotes the interests of these specific corporations.

Lobbying is a powerful force that is usually unseen and is a secretive act among political members of Congress. It has the ability to shape the laws within our society by utilizing representatives known as lobbyists. Lobbyism is a business of influence and one of the largest businesses associated with politics. By voicing their interests to Congress, businesses are able to donate large contributions of campaign funds to gain security and essentially “buy” members of Congress as a way to get what they want. All throughout our society, there are large corporations that send out lobbyists to launch ideas towards Congress and help spread around a lot of money to lawmakers. These large amounts of money are pocketed directly by lawmakers, leading to political corruption. For example, corporations such as oil companies are able to lobby Congress and sway politicians to support the company’s interest groups. This provides more power to these entities to impact laws and enforce subjective pricings on products with very little interference.

For example Corporation in the tire business are able to get bills passed to cut down forests in South America. While this may help create more jobs and profits for these types of companies, there are no regulations or rules put in place in order to help insure the safety of the environment. As a result of these behaviors, millions of trees are cut down along with killing species within their natural habitats. As members of society, we see this as being an issue of concern however; these questions are not brought forth to...

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