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Local And National Provision Of Football

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Local and National Provision of Football

I have chosen the sport of Football to study in my local and national
provision; the assignment consists of 6 sub-headings;

· Grassroots development.

· Provision for pathways/for elite performance.

· Additional agencies and bodies.

· Provision for male/female competitors.

· Provision for disabled participant’s local/elite.

· Critical analysis/evaluation

Grassroots Development

The Football Association is the main governing body in England, and is
responsible for all areas of football development in the country, from
grassroots level up to the elite.

The F.A has many schemes running in order to develop the grassroots
level. One of them is ‘the hat-trick programme’. This programme is
running primarily to encourage youngsters into the game. The F.A have
secured partnership funding from both UEFA and the Government for this
programme, a three-year scheme that will see the appointment of 19
community football workers.

The community football workers will work closely with schools and
local clubs, and will have four priorities:

- To get young people into football

- To develop sustainable opportunities for children through FA Charter
Standard clubs

- To develop leaders and coaches from within the communities

- To support the Government target of providing two hours of PE in
schools every week

By doing this, the overall plan is too build the best grassroots
facilities in Europe, hopefully bringing through the next generation
of talented footballers.

Another key scheme running in conjunction with ‘The Hat-Trick
Programme’ is ‘Football Foundation’, which is dedicated to
revitalising the grassroots of the game. Some ways in which they aim
to do this are,

- Modernising facilities in parks and schools

- Improving the state of the lower leagues

- Funding community and education programmes

As I have already mentioned funding in football comes mainly from the
Football Association, but along with the Premiership, sport England
and the government, they have formed Football Foundation. The
Foundation is the UK’s largest sporting charity, With grants ranging
from £100 to £1m, the Foundation can help with all your needs, whether
it is a new changing room, community project, floodlights, pitch
drainage or a football kit for your junior team.

The grassroots-funding stream primarily supports organisations that
wish to build, develop or refurbish facilities in order to increase
and sustain participation.

Path from grassroots to elite

‘Making it’ as a footballer is a long and hard road to go down, it
takes years of development and plenty of determination. For many the
journey begins from as young as playing for a local team at u7’s. This
is a very basic learning step in football, as...

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