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Whenever a new technology comes along there are many people that express concerns about that technology replacing workers and destroying jobs. They worry that by making a process easier or more efficient, the technology will decrease the need for human workers. This problem is of special concern to the South Carolina economy. Since the end of the Civil War, our economy has been dominated by factories. Until recently, our primary products were textiles, but those jobs disappeared when textile production was outsourced overseas. Since then, manufacturing has been filling the void. With the collapse of the textile industry still fresh in the minds of many South Carolinians, many are afraid that ...view middle of the document...

In that case, South Carolina could indeed see a repeat of the collapse of the local textile industry.
Fortunately however, South Carolina business and government officials have already taken measures to ensure that the state can reap the benefits of the coming computerization boom. In 1983, the state created the South Carolina Research Authority (SCRA) and in 1997 it formed the Technology Advisory council, both with the intention of drawing high-tech businesses to the state. Both organizations build on South Carolina's manufacturing-friendly environment to attract corporation's high tech activities to the area (Blum et al.). Since its founding, the SCRA has an amazing track-record of providing amazing benefits to the state's economy.
The key to the SCRA’s success is its ability to turn 70%-80% of its research into marketable technologies, compared to just 30% for federally funded research. Since its inception, the SCRA has only received about $25 million of state funding, but it has received an additional $2.2 billion from corporations. The organization has been responsible for the creating of technologies used by such established companies as Boeing, BMW, GE, Rolls Royce, GM, and Daimler Benz, not to mention the SCRA’s largest partner: the Department of Defense. And since...

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