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AbstractThis paper examines the measures and initiatives taken by local law enforcement organizations in the U.S. in response to increased terrorist attacks. It analyzes, and interprets information obtained from the studies conducted by other academic scholars on this topic, in addition to information sourced from the resources of a number of law enforcement organizations operating at the local level in the United States. This research established that the initiatives and measures taken by local law enforcement agencies in the U.S. have been largely successful, but some of them are inappropriate and need to be abandoned or improved because they result in harm to some innocent groups of ...view middle of the document...

Local law enforcement agencies have integrated the systems designed to safeguard and protect sensitive information, with efforts to collaborate and collaborate with other law enforcement establishments both within the U.S. and abroad. Strategic relationships anchored in local communities, have replaced localized, territorial approaches of operation. These new strategies whose purpose is to counter terrorism are driven by the reality that radical ideologies often have global implications. The terrorist groups that harbor these ideologies and use violence to achieve their aims, have a global reach. It enables them to hit localized targets in various countries including the United States. The impact posed by this new reality is that attacks waged by terrorists can result in devastating effects on the U.S. and its interests. The U.S. can experience these effects no matter the global location that such attacks take place (Council of State Governments, 2005).Local police organizations in the U.S. are facing a brutal, unfamiliar, and amorphous adversary. This terrorist threat can be divided into three categories, which local police have to give equal importance and emphasis in order to deal with the threat of terrorism effectively. The first category includes homegrown terrorists whose inspiration comes from Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. The second involves foreign terrorists who enter the United States to raise funds for financing their operations in the U.S. or abroad. Finally, terrorists whose supporting framework for their operations occurs both in the U.S. and foreign countries and, therefore, they have the capability to conduct their operations in both arenas.As an example, the experience of the Los Angeles, California Police Department with regard to terrorists indicates that the principal threats in this locality are locally-based, self-directed, and self-generating. The LADP has on numerous occasions identified direct connections between local suspects and overseas groups, but actors based locally were mostly responsible for the initiation of these connections. For example, the LAPD uncovered a terrorist network in Lodi, California in 2007, where local homegrown terrorists were seeking terrorist training in some Middle East countries such as Pakistan. This consideration does not minimize the threat posed by foreign terrorists, but simply serves as evidence that local threats are as real and lethal as the international ones and, moreover, they will probably increase in the coming years (Kayyem & Pangi, 2003).Economic Impact of Local Police Response to TerrorismSpending on defense and security has increased massively in the wake of the September 11 attacks. The federal government spending on Defense and Homeland Security has hit $500 billion. Similarly, local law enforcement agencies have increased the proportion of their budgets dedicated to counter-terrorism and anti-terrorism activities. State and local police forces are allocating...

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