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Finding The Perfect Day Care Essay

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A child needs as much love, compassion and companionship as possible. The earliest years of life are a period of incredible growth, Cognitively, Socially, and Physically and in order for a child to be properly shaped and developed, a healthy foundation must be made (Better For Babies). A child who is 8 weeks of age is at a very crucial and critical period of their life and many things have an affect on them, some more than others. When choosing a daycare center, there are many different theories to take into affect.
John and Sue have a happy and healthy 8-week-old girl Tyree. Both parents must go back to work and, therefore, need a daycare that will properly fit the needs of their child. John and Sue have been on the hunt for a daycare, and they finally narrowed it down to 2. They are struggling with making a final decision, and decide to go get some help.
After careful evaluation of both Daycare A and Daycare B. Daycare A seems to be a better choice for Tyree. In Daycare A, they have many things that help to support the growth of a child. Such as a safe environment, with colorful toys, tunnels and a caregiver to give the child the appropriate attention…
When looking at the two Daycares there are many things to take into affect, and you need more than just an opinion. A theory is a set of ideas that help organize or explain observable phenomena (Bukatko, 2008, p 4). People known as researchers carry out this information. Two important theorists are Piaget and Erikson. Both men had many beliefs on Child Development.
Piaget’s theory suggests that, at eight weeks of age, a child is in a sensorimotor stage. This means their sensory and motor skills are kicking in and the child begins to suck, grasp, look around and reach. Daycare A will give Tyree just that. With colorful objects, tunnel for crawling and areas for resting, this daycare will exercise all of Tyree’s sensory and motor skills. Leading to a more productive lifestyle.
A theory is a set of ideas or propositions that help to organize, or explain observable phenomena (Bukatko, 2008, p 4). Theories are based on a hypothesis and are backed up with evidence from researchers. They are ideas and perceptions that are backed up with proof. Below are two researchers who developed specific theories about childhood development…(add more)
Erikson developed a “Psychosocial Theory” of development. He believed that society plays a critical role in shaping and forming a reality for a child (Bukatko, 2008, p 25). He also believed that a child searches for their “identity” in different stages.
• At eight weeks of age Tyree is developing mentally and physically and is in the “Basic Trust vs. Mistrust” stage. In this stage, babies find consistency and reliability in their caregiver’s behaviors (Bukatko, 2008, p 26). Erikson believed this stage was the most important period in a child’s life. It is crucial for the baby to develop a sense of hope and trust in their caregiver.
• Babies are completely...

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