Finding The Right Balance As A Teacher According To Star Wars

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In the movie “Star Wars” the Jedi knights were fighting to have balance in the force. Today many people are also trying to find balance, but others always lean heavy on the other side. Today teachers either try to be cool and get walked on by their students or they are not assertive enough so they do not crack down on them. Some are aggressive and mean and therefore scare their students and still do not get any respect. If teachers can have a heart for their job and subject, have a balanced of lenience and strictness, are encouraging, can be engaging, and a positive role model then they can be an effective teacher and still be cool.
First, when reading the essay “Me Talk Pretty One Day” the way he depicted his teacher gave me a great dislike for her. She was effective as she put fear into them and the experience was like “being in the presence of a wild animal” (Sedaris 294). Her qualities were not so good. Telling things to her students such as ‘I hate you” can have hurtful effects as it did on Sedaris (294). One thing the reader does not know if the students in the class cared about using French after their time in France. They may have a hate for French because of the effect she had on them. I had a teacher who hated the side of politics that disagreed with her beliefs. I only learned in that class how great her beliefs were and the evil side that disagreed with her. I don’t remember anything else. A negative effect can have long damage on a person and what they choose to learn.
Furthermore, another problem with the teacher was she belittled them in front of their class, which could add to the fear of public speaking many people have (294). She oppressed them and demeaned them. Sedaris explained “learning French was a lot like joining a gang because of the long and intensive period of hazing” (294). The fact that she wasn’t encouraging either, but judgmental didn’t seem to help either. Sedaris did end up understanding French even though he still had trouble speaking it(295). Learning should be more like running a marathon. You are excited to run, but during the run it starts getting rough, but after you finish you feel relief and rewarded. The break at the end is also refreshing and rewarding. The teacher in the story had a negative effect on her class. She used fear to get her students to learn, in a way it worked, but we only know that it worked for Sedaris. What about the Korean student? Or the Japanese student? Or the girl from Yugoslavia, who the teacher really cracked down on?(293)
For instance, teachers need to have a heart and love for teaching, if they do not sooner or later they stop caring. They need to love the subject they are teaching. If they hate the subject the students will care less and just drift off to dreamland. When a teacher loves their work and job it is shown through their lectures and classroom. The teacher in the story may have been a lover of languages, since she knew many, but she hated her students...

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