Location         Burundi Is In Central Africa, Just East Of Democratic

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Location Burundi is in Central Africa, just east of Democratic Republic of the Congo, south of Rwanda, and west and south of Tanzania. It is landlocked between those countries with a total border length of 974 kilometers. Its geographic coordinates are 3 30 S, 30 00 E. Brazil, Malaysia, and New Zealand are at about the same latitude as Burundi. At the same longitude is Turkey and the very western point of Russia. Burundi is a bit smaller than Maryland with a total area of 27,830 sq km.Place-Physical Burundi is the edge of the watershed of the Congo and the Nile rivers, while the Ruzizi River in the west flows along the Great Rift Valley. The lowest point is Lake Tanganyika at 772 meters above sea level. The highest point in Burundi is Mount Heha at 2,670 meters. Lake Tanganyika is 670 meters long and the deepest point is 1,460 meters. It is the second largest of African lakes, the second deepest (next to L. Baikal) and the longest lake of the world. It holds 240 native species. The average water temperature is 23 degrees Celsius. The area is 32,000 kilometers square. Mount Heha is the 21st highest mountain in Africa, and 89th in the world. Burundi lies on the Great African Plateau formed by the Nile and Zaire River basins. There are three regions; the Rift Valley is called Imbo, and it is along the western border. The eastern zone is Kumoso and the 3rd is the Central Mountain Region. The Rift Valley is a narrow plain that runs along the Rusizi River and the shores of Lake Tanganyika, stopping in the foothills on the western Zaire and Nile River divides.. The Rift Valley is all below 3,500 feet above sea level. The Komoso is formed by central and eastern plateaus. The elevation is about 6,000 feet. There are also savannas along the eastern border, where the average elevation is 3,400 feet. The central mountain region is formed by a group of ridges running north to south that is 16 kilometers wide and 8,000 feet high. The eastern part of the ridges in south central Burundi becomes the waters of the Rwanda River, a source of the Nile. Although Burundi is located within 50 degrees of the equator, none of its regions is extremely hot. Burundi's climate is different than the Zaire basin because its higher elevations cause moderate temperatures. The central plateau haspleasant weather, with a temperature averaging 68 F. The Imbo region is warmer, with an average temperature of 77 F. The higher elevations of the eastern plateau are cooler, with temperatures below 66 F. The eastern savannas are hotter reaching 73 F. June, July, August, January and February are dry months. A long wet season lasts from March to May; a short wet season is September to December. Rainfall is uncommon, with most rain in the northwest area. Rainfall on the plateaus averages 119.4 centimeters, dropping to 76.2 centimeters annually in lower areas. Violent rainstorms are frequent at the higher elevations. Burundi once had forests...

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