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Location Type And Trip Purpose Detection Essay

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Travelers’ Diary

Location-Type and Trip-Purpose Detection

Each geographic position is associated with spatial information that could be used to derive contextual and factual information about the position and the objects at that position. The real-time positions of pedestrians, which are provided by mobile devices with global positioning system (GPS) capability, include information needed for identifying a pedestrian’s “context”, namely time of day, physical environment, a person’s mood and so (Asahara, Maruyama, Sato, & Seto, 2011).
The trajectory of a user (irrespective of the mode of transportation between positions) consists of a set of discrete positioning characterizing the user’s locations and activities. These discrete positions are therefore events constituting the traveler’s (user’s) diary. The information in this diary can be useful to the user and other officials. For instance, mining this data with other related information about positions can help derive information for the user such as the possible trip purpose. With such information, users can better plan their activities and actions ahead of time. Furthermore, this information can be useful in improving facility managements for different users. For example, given a position, underling information may reveal that the position is a commercial area whose population increases during a certain time. Transportation facilities around such area can be better managed using such information.
Traditional diaries contain voluntary information gathered by user. These diaries contain multiple information including places visited, trip purposes and activities at these places. However, these diaries are subject to information holes as data might be missing (due to failure of the user to remember details or there unwillingness to provide certain information) or inaccurate (due to the user’s poor recollection of events). Moreover, this information is kept private. Otherwise, this information could be used as an inspiration to different initiatives. For instance, with a diary containing bus delay experiences, proper authorities could use such personal experiences to model and plan for the use of several amenities and services. Furthermore, the use of traditional diaries is uncommon as only a small fraction of people utilize this. This may be due to several reasons including the considerable time-requirement to complete the information. Information from traditional diaries is therefore unreliable regardless of their privacy.
Getting timely, accurate and complete information about users positions without bridging their privacy is therefore a major challenge. Yet this information is useful for the better of users and facilities management.
There have been many efforts to combine GPS data with various travel survey data to improve the method and accuracy of data collection, while reducing the burden on the user to fill out tedious questionnaires. We have...

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