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Lock And Key Essay

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Written by Sarah Dessen, a well-known romance author, Lock and Key is a quick-paced love story which deals with the hardships of accepting love and letting go of love. The touching novel grasps the context of finally moving onto something better while leaving behind everything that was once most important. The protagonist of the Lock and Key, Ruby Cooper, has always looked forward to growing up and turning eighteen years old, so she can finally leave her drug and alcohol addicted mother behind and begin her life as an independent adult. However, her plans are soon soiled once her mother goes missing on her own account, but that does not stop Ruby from living alone. The young woman has been living on her own for a few months, but state services soon find the under-aged girl living alone. She is forced to live with her long-lost sister and her millionaire husband. Ruby has a hard time adjusting, and she soon finds herself in a deep relationship with her new neighbor.
Ruby always thought she could manage to live alone and take care of herself with no problem, after all, she had been surviving in a broken down house with an addict mother for her entire life. However, when she moves on with her sister, old feelings of betrayal return, causing her to feel exposed to emotions that she thought she buried deep down. Although she was once very close to her sister, Ruby and Cora, her sister, never spoke once Cora left for college, abandoning the sister she once protected from their mother. Ruby and Cora battle to regain their lost relationship, and Ruby finally manages to let her sister back into her heart.
Ruby soon finds herself forced out of her normal routine as she is put into a new school which is far different from her previous one. Unlike Ruby’s normal school routine where she would smoke pot before heading to campus,...

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