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Locked In School With A Magic Wand

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It was around midnight in a pitch black, hollow, dreaded school with no way to get out. I was gallantly careering around the classrooms in the year of 2112, for my parents hated me. My father gave a punishment, and it was to clean the house. I repudiated to do it because it was filthy, and it was covered in complete garbage. As a result of that, my mother dropped me off 3 hours before in this dull school. I can’t slumber like an angel, for I’m terrified of ghosts and goblins swarming around this area. I gently sauntered to a classroom, and I saw something eerie glowing in the dark. I opened the door silently, and I just knew what it was when it hit my eyesight. “Hey! Boy! What are you doing around here in midnight?” Someone said.
“My parents are abusive of me, and they dropped me off here!” I alleged. “Well, then go to sleep! There’s no excuse in the whole entire world that you can’t sleep! Good night!” President Barack Obama retorted. “Wait. Are there any goblins or ghosts here? I’m scared of them, for they made me scream like a little girl. Weren't you dead in 2082?” I inquired. “Yes, I was, for I am very old. I had the ability to become a ghost, for God appreciated what I did for the United States.” He responded. “Hey, I thought you were dead already! Oh well, I guess you weren't dead because you are here talking to an innocent young man.” President John James, the current president of the United States reverberated. “Can we please quit this baloney and talk about this magic wand?” I interrogated. “This wand was made in the ancient times. It was a very useful source of armament that didn't require much construction. It only takes a stick and some orange juice mixed with water to make it, for the beverages contained the magic. It was a way to preserve yourself, and without it, you would be absent within a flash. As you can see here, this wand is the most powerful in the world. If you were to sell this today, it would be close to 4 billion dollars!” President Obama said. “Oh! Wow! I should just sell this on E Bay, and then my parents could value me forever.” I replied. “Well, everything isn't about money either.” President James responded. “Why do my parents dislike me so much?” I questioned.
“They don’t hate you, for you are a gift that God gave you. They may not like you for different reasons.” President John alleged. “Well, I rebuffed to listen to my parents, but that was only because the house was dirty as smog.” I replied. “It doesn't matter whether or not you like the work. You have to do it, and you might be remunerated. Hard work gives you rewards, and if you don’t do it, you will flop in life.” Obama said. “I solemnly swear that from now on; I will eavesdrop to my parents no matter what.” I responded. “Well, you could retail it right now, and it might benefit your family with bills.” He replied. “I’m going to sell this on E Bay right now! Thank for the advice, and I will turn on the computer.” I retorted. “Wait a minute! You can’t...

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