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Locker Essay

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The locker life may not seem very difficult but in reality its one of the hardest things i’ve ever had to do. Well actually, it’s the only thing I have ever had to do but I picture it as one of the most strenuous jobs out there. My owner, Gianna Marie Gallitelli, treats me, locker number 429, horribly. I know that Gia wishes she could treat me better, but as she tells all of her friends, she just doesn’t have the time. Once a month, Gia decides to give me a big clean out so that she can actually see my back wall. Every morning Gia brings in a new water bottle and ends up putting it inside of me. Her highest record for most water bottles in one month is 19! Can you even believe that? I admit, ...view middle of the document...

All of my other locker friends surrounding me are spotless and I just don’t think it’s fair. There is an avalanche of binders overflowing out of me every time my door is opened. Overdue library books are pushed out of sight and out of mind everytime Gia does not enjoy the first line, which happens to be a lot. My past locker tenants have all treated me better than Gia, but she still is my favorite. The fact that she uses me in between every class and truly wishes she could treat me better just puts a smile on my walls.
I know that I am just another locker out of the 700 others at Bayshore Middle School, but in some ways I feel like I stand apart from the others. With my chipped paint, bent number plate and broken door, I am not your casual middle school locker. My door is a royal blue with tan walls that are tinted slightly grey because of the labour I have endured. In the beginning of the school year, Gia had hung pictures of her soccer experiences, friends, and idols but now they all seem to be hidden underneath the lava of books and papers inside of me. I used to have a shelf that separated the the portion from the bottom portion but it got knocked down, snapped in half, and broken to pieces due to the amount of pressure it had to hold from all of Gia’s belongings. The decor hanging inside of every locker shows into the soul of the owner. Even though there isn’t a chandelier hanging from the top wall and a rug resting on the bottom, the effort that Gia has tried to put into decorating me shows her passion and persistency as a person. The pictures that were once hung abled her to remember the good...

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