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Logging The Rainforest Essay

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Industrial logging is the main cause of forest loss throughout the tropics. It is the starting point of a process leading to the forests' final destruction and substitution by agricultural crops, cattle raising or monoculture tree plantations. These are well known facts supported by more than sufficient evidence.Even more importantly, industrial logging destroys the livelihoods of forest and forest-dependent peoples who, deprived of the resources they depend on, become poor. Contrary to the official discourse, logging does not lead to development; it results in impoverishment and social disintegration. Women are disproportionately affected by logging activities, which provide them with no employment opportunities while depleting the resources they traditionally use and manage.In tropical countries, the process begins with the violation of the territorial rights of indigenous peoples and other traditional communities, who are the righteous owners of the forest. As most people confronted with such situation would, they frequently resist the entry of logging companies to their territories, which in turn usually results in state repression to protect the companies' legal "rights".Forest destruction, human rights abuses, poverty creation is the local part of the equation. On the other side there is wealth creation for transnationals and local elites and an abundant supply of cheap --though very valuable-- raw material to provide rich consumers with elegant toilet seats, sumptuous coffins and other equally "important" symbols of wealth.Some actors are crucial to make logging and end-consumers meet, among which the World Bank, the Inter American, African and Asian Development Banks and the International Monetary Fund. The banks...

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1221 words - 5 pages 2001, “only 8% of the small fish-bearing streams flowing through logging sites were fully protected” and 65% of the greatest fecund salmon habitats still remain unprotected. (David Suzuki Foundation, 2005) Deforestation causes run-off that leads to toxic water and spawning beds full of silt and clogged with debris. The population of the Pacific wild salmon is alarmingly dwindling. As a result, deforestation in the Great Bear Rainforest has led to

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1648 words - 7 pages , causing major flooding around the world.Traditionally there were three major causes of destruction to the rainforest: farming, ranching, and logging. Farmers in rainforest countries are often poor and can't afford to buy land. Instead, these farmers clear rainforest land to grow their crops. Because tropical rainforest soil is so poor in nutrients, farmers cannot reuse the same land year after year. In following years, farmers just clear more land

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2101 words - 8 pages of its timber by shortsighted governments, multi-national logging companies, and landowners. · Nearly half of the world's species of plants, animals and microorganisms will be destroyed or severely threatened over the next quarter century due to Rainforest deforestation. · Experts estimate that we are losing 137 plants, animal and insect species every single day due to rainforest deforestation. That equates to

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840 words - 3 pages Rainforest Solutions With too many opinions to satisfy everyone as a whole, the rainforest issue is known to be one of the greatest struggles the world has encountered. With logging companies scrapping for land, natives trying to live as they always have, ranchers trying to raise cattle, environmentalists working to stop deforestation, and people like me throwing out ideas that may not be agreeable to anyone else, it is easy to see why this

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1879 words - 8 pages /overview.htm).      Another reason why the rainforests are being destroyed is the logging industry. Trees from the rainforest are used for building houses, making furniture, and providing pulp for paper products. Many corporations have convinced countries that contain rainforests that it would improve their economy if they would allow logging in the rainforest. Many of these countries' economies now depend on their support (

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710 words - 3 pages that if people leave the rainforests alone and harvest the many fruits, nuts, oil-producing plants, and useful medicinal plants, the rainforests will be of better economic value to our society today than from any profit which might come from corporate development. (Rainforest Facts 1) The only way to stop the destruction of rainforests is to ban activities such as logging and cattle raising in rainforests. However, banning these activities is

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1715 words - 7 pages . Hahn et al. hypothesized that deforestation, selective logging, fire, and road production will lead to further malaria risk for inhabitants on a municipality level. Hahn et al. conducted research in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil; this rainforest accounts for just less than half of the world’s tropical rainforests. The area researched was divided into legal municipalities, and 5 large-scale demographics of timber production termed states. Data

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