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Logic Framework Of Dgse Essay

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From the quantification of social benefits derived from putting into practice recommendations, it is feasible to perform a comparison for public resources assigned to those evaluations and to the DGSE as a whole, whereupon a cost-benefit index for the evaluation activity will be obtained.
The logic framework of the DGSE derived from these innovations is shown in Figure 2. In this case the ultimate objective stated for the DGSE is “Increase the impact, efficiency, quality, equity, and transparency for programs and policies of development and social inclusion”. The main difference with Figure 1 is that in the statement is established as purpose not only “Contribution” but the effect itself ...view middle of the document...

The result defined by the DGSE as product of its actions is “Generation of evidence and information to identify achievements and areas susceptible of being improved from the programs and policies of development and social inclusion”. That objective is similar to the statement defined as ultimate goal on the traditional model in Figure 1. It consists in provide evidence and information to responsible people of programs and actions in order to enable them to identify susceptible areas of being improved. The DGSE case differs in that this objective is not defined as an ultimate goal, but as the product resulting of its main activities.

Finally in a fourth level are specified the next seven activities (that highlight compared to the four activities in the traditional model):
• Development of norms, guidelines, monitoring and evaluation procedures
• Generation and processing of information, evidence, results, and statistics
• Monitoring of policies and programs for development and social inclusion programs
• Evaluation of policies and programs of development and social inclusion
• Management of evidence and analysis recommendations, evaluations and monitoring
• Strengthening of capabilities and culture of M&E
The central element of innovation in respect to the traditional model is the second last point of “Management of evidence and analysis recommendations, evaluations and monitoring” that makes feasible the DGSE incidence over the development of improvement plans, its execution and eventually over impact, efficiency, quality, equity and transparency of policies and programs of development and social inclusion.
The execution cycle for the continuous improvement strategy of the DGSE is shown in Figure 3, where element (iii) through (x) are specified in the process of execution of social actions.
Cycle begins with the identification of areas of potential improvement, for which, the...

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