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Logic Of An Article Essay

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1) The main purpose of this article:
The purpose of this article is to present the findings of a study done to determine if gay men and straight men could detect the sexual orientation of another man and which one was superior in doing so by only using the visual senses.
2) The most important information in this article is:
• Knowing the terminology surrounding the gay and lesbian population (i.e. gay, straight, bisexual, and their definition of “family”
• How isolation may affect those of the gay and lesbian community
• The motivating factors behind gay, lesbian and straight individuals wanting to know the sexual preference of another individual
• The identifying stereotypes ...view middle of the document...

The author believes it is because gay and lesbian individuals experience social isolation from others, whether it is intentional on their part for not fitting in or from others, due to the stigma that has surrounded this population. The author believe the “radar” of being able to single out those who have the same sexual preference because they are trying to find “family”. They may have learned from prior negative experience to not “come out” to just anybody and now are more careful about who knows their sexual preference.

3) What criticisms can be concluded?
• Small participation rate. Study only covered a total of twenty-seven men: fifteen self-identified gay men and 12 self-identified straight men.
• For having such a small participation rate, the age range was extremely wide covering men eighteen to forty-eight
• The research was very controlled in that the group of men observed seven pre-recorded videos, rather than being out in public, observing people in their own environment
• All the men who participated both in observation and in the video recording were of the same culture
• Much of this article seemed to hold bias towards “straight” men
• All the participants are from the same area, especially when the author points out how locale and isolation may play a part in the identification process.
Analyses of the Evidence
1) Briefly summarize your understanding of the findings.
Upon completing my reading of this article, I was surprised to discover...

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