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Logical And A Physical Model Essay

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After all requirements have been gathered for a proposed system, they must be modeled. Models are created for visually represent the planned system so that business requirements can easily be associated with system items to ensure that all requirements have been completely and accurately gathered. In this paper, I will be discussing two types of modeling, and that is Physical modeling and Logical modeling.
One reason why modeling is so important in systems analysis is so the system and all of the systems requirements are precisely characterized. Data modeling is a way to speak in terms that everyone can understand from management to end-users. According to data modeling and systems analysis, “the data model uses easily understood notations and natural language, it can be reviewed and verified by the end-users”. (The role of data modeling in system analysis, n.d.) without modeling and fully understanding the system that is being implemented disastrous results can come. It can result in large amounts of money being lost. Modeling is a key function in the systems analysis process. It helps the analyst understand all phases of the new systems design and keeps the business from losing time and money.
Logical modeling deals with gathering system requirements and translating those requirements into a model. The logical model revolves around the requests of the business and system requirements. Logical modeling involves collecting information about business procedures, groups of data, and business units. After this information is assembled, diagrams and reports are produced including diagrams, business process diagrams, and eventually process flow diagrams. The diagrams created, should show the processes and data that exist, as well as the associations between business processes and data. Logical modeling should accurately extract a visual representation of the activities and data relevant to a particular business and system.
The diagrams and documentation made during logical modeling is used to define whether the requirements of the business have been completely met. Management, developers, and end users alike review these diagrams and documentation to determine if more work is required before physical modeling begins. Classic deliverables for a logical model include business process diagrams and some type of user feedback . The business process diagram illustrates all the parent and child processes that are performed by individuals within a company. The process model gives the development team an idea of how data moves within the organization. The logical model is a very important model in the process. Even, if money is an issue, this is not where you want to take shortcuts. The logical model is the building block for the rest of your system.
Physical modeling involves the actual design of a system according to the requirements that are established during the logical phase. After you have decided on the system, and the amenities you need to offer on...

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