Logical And Physical Network Design Essay

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IntroductionNetwork design is a detailed, labor-intensive activity. During the design process, all key aspects of the network are examined in terms of how they meet current needs and how they must be adapted or enlarged as network usage grows. This includes the hardware which constitutes the physical network, the software used to give that network its structure and organization, and the firmware which gives your network interface controllers and hubs their functionality.The goal is to design a network that is cost-effective, easy to manage, and has the flexibility to adapt as your company's business and technical requirements grow and change. The logical design represents how the network operates. The physical design represents the actual locations of networking equipment, servers, and clients.Logical and Physical Network DesignThe physical design of a computer network is easier to understand. To a computer user, a network is simply a group of computers and all of the devices associated with computers, from routers to printers to external hard drives, that are connected to each other by a number of different forms of communications capabilities. Some networks involve permanent connections, which are almost always in the form of cables. Other networks rely on temporary connections that are established, maintained for a specific period of time and then broken through telephone or other forms of communication devices.In general, the more permanent connections that exist within a network the more smoothly that network will run. A network run entirely on temporary...

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1165 words - 5 pages before it reaches the end of the cable, maintaining a path to every node along the resulting "C-Ring". 802.5 networks -- also known as IBM Token Ring networks -- avoid the weakness of a ring topology altogether: they actually use a star topology at the physical layer and an MAU to imitate a ring at the datalink layer. A bus network Topology is a network architecture in which a set of clients are connected via a shared communications line, called a

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