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Logistics Support For Agrobusiness In Context Of The Supply Chain Of Perishables

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Bangladesh economy is primarily dependent on agriculture. About 84% 0f the total population lives in the rural areas and is directly or indirectly engaged in a wide range of agricultural activities. Agriculture contributes about 20.29% to the country’s GDP (23%) About 43.6% of the labor force is employed in agriculture with about 57% being employed in the crop sector.
Bangladesh has resource endowments to develop agro-based industries. It has rich alluvial soil, a year-round frost-free environment, available water and an abundance of cheap labor. Increased cultivation of vegetables, spices and tropical fruits now grown in Bangladesh could supply raw materials to local agribusiness for both domestic and export markets. Progressive agricultural practices have improved marketing techniques. Modern processing facilities have raised the quality of agribusiness and expanded production levels significantly. Priority agro products are canned juices, fruits, vegetables, and dairy and poultry products.
Keywords: Agro food product, Supply chain management, logistics of the supply chain, Inventory management.
Objectives of the Study
Objective of this study is to develop a logistics activity mix which will result in the highest possible return on investment over time. Keeping the imperatives in view, the following proponents have been embedded in this paper:
 Snap of the main supply chains for agro food products and discussed the important features in Context of consolidation and distribution ;
 Status of harvest handling and cold storage logistics of the supply chain;
 Logistics management of the supply chains;
 Main causes of success of agro food products supply chains;
 Salient issues and impediments in enhancing performance of consolidation and distribution system for agro food products;
 To identify findings and observations of agro food products supply chains;
 Suggestions.
Post Harvest Handling and Cold storage Logistics of the Supply Chain
Post harvest handling and cold storage logistics are a collection of functional activities (transportation, inventory control, etc) which are repeated many times throughout the channel through which raw materials are converted into finished products and consumer value is added. Because raw material sources, plants, and selling points are not typically located at the same places and the channel represents a sequence of manufacturing steps, logistics activities recur many times before a product arrives in the marketplace. The following figure exhibits post harvest handling and cold storage logistics
A single firm doing business of agro food products in Bangladesh is not generally able to control its entire product flow channel from raw material source to points of the final consumption, although this is an emerging opportunity. For practical purposes, the business logistics for the individual firm has a narrower scope.
In Bangladesh physical supply channels agro food products are impeded...

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