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Age Matter in Relationship
Recently , relationship statistics indicate that most people have a partner that is probably close to their age . There is a little bit difference in age between them . They have a concept that this little difference in age gives them the opportunity to be closer mentally and the way of thinking. As they keep in their minds the computability in their long-term relationships . Actually , these kinds of people long for someone who understand them , appreciate them and care for them . But after facing some struggles and can not bear each other , as well as their lack of experience or how to manage their relationship properly . They begin to find out that they live in a society full of stereotypes . Therefore , they begin pairing off with people who are 10 , 15 or more years apart in age . The phenomenon of men prefer the company of younger women , while women prefer men who are older is known as the age differential effect . From 1989 , there was a classic study of human mating in which David Buss found out that the board men normally prefer to marry women who were younger than themselves and this was proved during his survey across 6 continents . As well as , in 1993 and 1994 , a study proved that women were more willing than men to marry someone older . Age does matter in relationship . Whether the man is older than woman or vice versa , the maturity in this relationship plays a great factor , for not facing the case of abusing . That is why the younger one woman or man should be aware of the effect of the difference in age emotionally and physically . There are various opinions related to that topic , some agree that relationships with age gaps are very common these days . If you were to ask these young women about the reasons to be in such relationship , the common answer is that younger men may not be thinking about a relationship that leads to marriage whereas an older man shows how he is serious about their relationship and care to end it by marriage . Another different opinion shows how this kind of relation ship with age gap ending by an emotional disaster as the older partner has one goal to reach through abusing the second younger partner . Therefore , age does matter in relationship according to the partners themselves .
Any relationship has some attributes to be involved to be considered successful . These attributes or qualities followed guarantee to both partner in the relationship to have a healthy and balanced relationship . Some of These characteristics can be balanced , confidence and independence. These attributes can be in a relationship in which both of the partners have nearly close characters . Therefore , the relationship which involves age gap faces a great challenge . Liking each other in a relationship is not enough . Both of the partners have to be committed to this kind of relation as they have to make sure that they relate to each other and know they want out of the relationship ....

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