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The first industrial revolution, evolved in London, allowed many advances in many scopes for the British capital. Actually, those upheavals give her the access to the world’s market, her power spread worldwide, its networks of influence never stopped extending. Now, those stamps pin down London. That’s why, today, London is considered as Europe’s capital, London is a global city, attracting nowadays diverse strategic activities.
Firstly, London is a big economic place, contracting the most influential corporations of the world. For London, the major stake consists on attracting foreigners companies because they are the only ones who can extend London’s influence worldwide, they represents huge opportunities. London’s CBD is the oldest in the world, furthermore London is one of the world’s top business place in front of New York. London is able to attract highly skilled and talented corporations from across the globe. Consequently, it shows that the quality of its workforce is unrivalled elsewhere. Openness to foreign operators is the key of London’s economic success. Thus, we know that 40% of the world's foreign equities are traded in the City, more than New York and over 30% of the world's currency exchanges take place here, more than New York and Tokyo combined. At last, 80% of London’s business is international. That’s the reason why London have the highest GDP in Europe. London’s soaring is due to innovations in science, technology and design which offers significant competitive advantage.

The economic feats of London have an impact on her landscape. First of all, we can say that London’s monuments are the reflection of the British contemporaneity. But not only, they have several roles, first they represent the new worldwide metropolitan landscape and they display, more exactly, the economic power of London. That’s why, we can see in each metropolis all around the world, the thrust of huge skyscrapers, all bigger than the others, tricking futuristic architectures, astonishing designs and aerodynamics shapes: these monuments point out rivalries between powerhouses. It’s a way to express, in our case, London’s power, its ability to innovate, to take up technical challenges, to do bigger...

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