London: A National Healthcare Perspective Essay

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Running head: LONDON: A NATIONAL HEALTHCARE PERSPECTIVE 1London: A NATIONAL HEALTHCARE PERSPECTIVE 19London: A National Healthcare PerspectiveKaye LeonardPfeiffer UniversityMHA 776Dr. James LeistDr. Gwendolan SwainAbstractThis paper provides an overall impression of the United Kingdom's health service, inception of the National Health Service, challenges the NHS faces regarding financial sustainability, providing effective and efficient care, and the move towards more privatization . Comparisons are made between the National Health Service and heathcare in the United States across multiple sectors that include acute care settings, skilled nursing facilities, primary care providers and regualtions governing nursing practice and the challenges faced by both systems.Introduction Since its inception in 1948, the United Kingdom's National Health Service (NHS) formed an ideology that gave birth to the NHS's service delivery and is simplistic in nature; good healthcare should be available to all regardless of wealth. This principal remains at the very core of the NHS today. For the purpose of this paper I will discuss the background of the NHS, overall impression of the NHS, guest speakers perception of the NHS and strengths, weakness and issues of the NHS.BackgroundThe NHS employs more than 1.2 million people, Of those, just under half are clinically qualified, including 39,780 general practitioners, 370,327 nurses, 18,687 ambulance staff and 105,711 hospital and community health service, medical and dental staff. Only the Chinese People's Liberation Army, the Wal-Mart super chain and the Indian Railways directly employ more people. The NHS in England by far is the biggest part of the system, servicing 53 million and employing over 1.35 million people. Funding for the NHS comes from taxation; average personal income tax in the United Kingdom is 45 percent. Currently the NHS's projected budget for 2013 is around £108.9 billion ( United Kingdom's economy is the third largest in Europe with 9.8 percent of its gross domestic product spent on health care as compared to the United States, which spends 18 percent of its gross domestic product on health care. The delivery care model uses General Practitioners (GPs) to provide primary care and act as gatekeepers to secondary care to help contain cost. Secondary care includes elective and acute emergency services (World Health Services, ch.26).Impression of the NHSMeasuring the performance of the NHS is difficult to do with any amount of accuracy. If one asks the NHS, their performance has been grand as they consider their service to be one of the most efficient, most egalitarian, and most comprehensive. In 2010, according to the Commonwealth Fund, the NHS in comparison to other healthcare systems, "the NHS is second most impressive overall, rated the best system in terms of efficiency, effective care and cost-related problems and ranks second for patient equality and safety"(...

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